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Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland Slots

Head down the rabbit hole and take a magical spin in Alice In Wonderland, a 243-slot slot from BF Games. Based on the iconic Lewis Carroll story, the game features all the classic characters and props from the fairy tale and lets players embark on their own adventure in Wonderland.

Although the game offers 243 ways to win, it is far from being a low volatility slot. Instead, players in the game can look forward to medium volatility for consistent wins at a reasonable payout rate – the highest coin multiplier jackpot is 6250x. On top of that, the game offers a nice display of bonus game features, including free spins with stacked wilds and a side game that doubles your money.

down the rabbit hole

Whether it’s Lewis Carroll’s 1865 novel, Disney’s 1951 animation, or Tim Burton’s recent action movie, we all know the story of Alice in Wonderland. Now slot fans can experience the story of strange wonders by spinning this slot machine from KA Gaming software which contains symbols depicting some key characters of the story. Players will meet the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit, the Cheshire Cat, and Alice. Other notable symbols on the reels depict some symbolic objects from the past, such as a string of potions, a teapot scatter symbol, and an old vintage pocket watch that acts as the game’s wild symbol. Isn’t it time to make big profits?

The whole aspect of the game is quite traditional, with images rendered in 2D with great attention to detail. However, this does not mean that the game does not attract attention, because the online slot radiates shine and helps players immerse themselves in the magnificent Wonderland. Symbols will also move as winning combinations are formed, with butterflies and dandelion seeds flying around the screen.

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Unlike most online video slots, this game does not have specific paylines that players can follow to form winning combinations. Instead, players simply need to find matching symbols on adjacent reels, starting from the left and working their way to the right. So there are actually 243 ways to win in this slot, which is really tempting.

However, this does not mean that the volatility of the game is low. Spinners will find that the winnings are distributed at an average rate allowing for a pretty solid main jackpot of up to 6,250 times the value of the chosen coin. This prize is awarded every time five teapots appear on the reels. The next top five symbols reward is a 1000x multiplier and is activated by the Mad Hatter icon. When a single elixir symbol appears on the leftmost reel of the game, spinners will be rewarded with a 3x coin prize.

The range of coins that can be played starts from 0.01 and goes up to 2.00. Because there is no real payline in the game, players will see their chosen coin value multiplied by 25x to offer total bets ranging from a minimum of 0.25 to a maximum of 50.00 credits. This is a good selection of betting options for casual and more serious players alike.

Alice at Bonus-Land

Besides being the most valuable symbol in the slot, the kettle also functions as a scatter; This means it doesn’t have to appear on consecutive reels to reward payouts. Also, three or more of these scatters anywhere on the reels will trigger a series of 10 free spins, during which the wild clock symbol will be placed on the reels, opening up additional winning opportunities.

Other than that, there are no side games or story-driven interactive features like those found in other fairytale slots like Mazooma’s Frogs Fairytale. Players will be able to wager their winnings in the base game on a 50/50 gamble (though we think the game developers missed a trick by not listing the Queen of Hearts as a red option in this side game).

Is it worth betting?

Try free Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was full of surprises, but this slot doesn’t offer much when it comes to online video slots. The truth is that the game’s additional features are relatively conditional, and there are no special side-games that reveal the narrative aspect of the original story.

However, the 243 win slots strike a good balance between win frequency and potential wins, making it a useful game for players who want relatively large and relatively frequent chances of winning.

5 thoughts on “Alice in Wonderland”

  1. The Alice in Wonderland slot is a beautifully designed online casino game that takes players on a journey through Lewis Carroll’s classic story. The game features stunning graphics and symbols that perfectly capture the whimsical and magical atmosphere of the book, including the Mad Hatter’s hat, the Cheshire Cat, and the Queen of Hearts. The game also offers a range of bonus features, such as free spins and wild symbols, that give players the opportunity to increase their winnings. The soundtrack is also well-done and adds to the overall immersive experience. Whether you’re a fan of the book or just enjoy playing high-quality slots, the Alice in Wonderland slot is definitely worth checking out.

  2. Alice in Wonderland slot is a whimsical game that takes players on a journey to a world of magic and wonder. With its enchanting graphics and exciting gameplay, players will feel like they are a part of the classic tale, chasing big rewards. The Alice in Wonderland theme adds a touch of fantasy and adventure to this already captivating slot game, making it a must-try for fans of the iconic story.

  3. Alice in Wonderland is an exciting and whimsical slot based on the classic tale by Lewis Carroll. The game features colorful and detailed graphics that transport you into the magical world of Wonderland, where you’ll encounter iconic characters like the Cheshire Cat and the Mad Hatter. With its multiple bonus features, including a pick-and-win game and free spins round, Alice in Wonderland offers plenty of opportunities to win big. Overall, it’s a fun and engaging slot that’s sure to delight fans of the classic story.

  4. Alice in Wonderland Slots is a popular online slot game that is themed around the classic Lewis Carroll book. The game typically features symbols and characters from the story, such as the Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter, and the Queen of Hearts. The game often includes various bonus features, such as free spins, multipliers, and special symbols that trigger unique gameplay mechanics. Overall, Alice in Wonderland Slots is a fun and engaging game for fans of the classic story and online slot games.

  5. Alice in Wonderland Slot by KA Gaming is a video slot game that is based on the classic tale of Alice’s adventures in a magical world. The game features colorful graphics and fun animations that bring the story to life. It also has a variety of bonus features, including free spins and a bonus game, that can help players win big prizes. Overall, this slot game is a fun and entertaining option for players who enjoy fantasy and adventure themes.

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